Transfer Garageband songs from iPad or iPhone to Mac and continue editing

Whoever composes songs on the iPad or iPhone in Garageband on the road might want to continue working on his Mac later, especially because the portable version of Apple’s Garageband does not offer some features of the big version.

There is the following solution:

On the iPad/iPhone in Garageband, tap “My Songs”, then select “Selections” and the desired song. Then tap on the “Forward” icon in the top left corner and select “iTunes”. You can now choose whether to make the song available in AAC format in iTunes, or to send the source file to GarageBand. If you select “Garageband”, a file with the extension .band will be saved. After connecting the iPad/iPhone to a Mac there, it can be found in iTunes under “Apps” in the file share of Garageband. With the button “Save as” it is exported to the Mac and can then be opened in Garageband. When such a Garageband file is opened for the first time by the iPad/iPhone, Garageband automatically performs a necessary update on the Mac. Then the song can then be edited in Garageband on the Mac as usual.

av, 23.11.2013

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