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Midi connection of 2BOX drum modules with Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 and EZ Drummer 3 through presets

Salute, there are news to announce. The 2BOX e-drum modules, the Drumit Three, the Drumit Five MKII, and even the entire Speedlight Kit are now implemented as presets in Toontrack's drum software, both Superior Drummer 3 and the new EZ Drummer 3. This is of course said very simply. So what does that mean? Film: André Vard - Midi connection of the 2BOX drum modules with Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 and EZ Drummer 3 through presets General Midi Every manufacturer of drum modules assigns the internal sounds to specific midi notes when programming the respective device. And there is no......

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André Vard | bionicsounds Studio - 2BOX Drumit 5 MKII

The 2BOX Drumit 5 MKII drum module

I can quote the simple answer from 2BOX myself: “The 2BOX Drumit 5 MKII is the world’s first (and currently only known to me) drum module with an open sound architecture and universal trigger interface.”...

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André Vard

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