1. Strange Days (Music Trailer) André Vard 0:39

André Vard in 120 bpm:
“The heartbeat is the first sound and rhythm that we perceive in our lives. Among other things, it signals our emotional state. This makes rhythms the oldest forms of communication in the world. Sounds are audible to us because of their vibrations and also noticeable through vibrations. In the interplay of the sense organs we see music and hear pictures. And everyone has their own sound of life. The very personal touch. Since we basically use universal physics when creating sound, it doesn’t matter whether a sound is acoustic or electronic in nature or whether we create a symbiosis of both. We can use the entire sound spectrum creatively and expand it innovatively. That’s what I always try to do in my musical work.”


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André Vard

André Vard is involved in a variety of projects, all of which touch on very different musical genres. Maybe there is something for you.