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André Vard

Let's create something special together!

Hello, this is Andre Vard.
Thank you for taking the time to come to this page! I’m basically interested in listening to any kind of music and then recording a song or even making an album if there’s mutual interest, and I’d like to introduce myself to you as a music producer so that you can find out exactly what I’m doing here and how I do it.
Be sure to listen to songs on my site, whether on your smartphone, in the car or on your home stereo system. This way you can judge the quality of my work for yourself instead of me just telling you what I can do. I think it’s a better idea to just listen to things in your own familiar environment where you know how the music sounds.

There will probably be many questions that I will already answer on this website. So feel free to click around and peruse the site. If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Communication is everything!

I’ve worked and still work with artists in cities around the world – sometimes as a musician, sometimes as a songwriter, sometimes as a producer – often under different stage names / artist names in the past. I wanted it that way to keep myself in the background because that meant the most freedom for my philosophy. Maybe I’ll change that in the future…
So stay tuned and come back here from time to time for information about it.
Just chill and listen to my work – or rather – my musical playing style.
I can play with you and produce you wherever you live.
Because that’s a question I get a lot from people: Can you work with me if I live in another city or in another country?
The answer is: absolutely yes!
Today, with the internet, we can do anything! If we can’t get together here at my bionicsounds studio, another studio, or at your place, then literally all you have to do is record your song, whether it’s on your guitar or on your piano, or just your vocals, or even just your rhyme, your hook, whatever you got. In principle, the recording app on your smartphone is sufficient. You can then upload that to any cloud and send me the link, or I can provide my own server for an upload. I can then import that into my studio system and then start constructing the song around that core idea.
But before I start, of course we’ll talk on the phone or video chat and we’ll talk about what exactly you want. In short, yes, if you live anywhere in the world we can still “work” together or let’s just call it “playing” together. I would like to work with you! I enjoy making music and I’m passionate about making music. It’s all I want to do and all I actually do. I’m a full-time musician and producer. In fact, to help you create your song or album, I can play just about any instrument if you can’t do it yourself, or guest musicians can be brought in.

An important aspect of my philosophy is:
Before I’m a producer, I’m an artist first.
Why is that important?
As iron sharpens iron, artists sharpen other artists!


Here is my production and recording philosophy!

Okay, what’s my recording philosophy?
I would say it with a little analogy that basically sums up what I think music recording and music production is:
If you write a song, it’s your baby. All that’s going to happen most of the time, if you then want to take it a step further, is that artists will take their song to a producer or studio, and that producer, that studio will hear the song and say, okay, that’s good, but we need this and that and we have to change this and that. But when they’re done with that, that song won’t be your baby anymore. They adopt it as their baby and dress it in completely different clothes, telling you that while your idea is okay, it’s still kind of badly thought out… like they know your thoughts. And when they’re done dressing your baby, meaning changing your song, you don’t even know what’s going on and suddenly you realize you hate the clothes they’ve put on your baby. They changed your song and you don’t like it anymore. Now it’s someone else’s song and no longer yours.
I’ve recorded many artists who have experienced this before, as it has happened to me. They went into a studio with a certain idea in mind and they came out with a totally different thing, far from what they imagined. I think that’s a shame for sound engineers and music producers because it’s not their baby. It was the artist’s baby, and that’s how they should have treated it.
My job as a producer is to first ask you what your idea is, exactly what your vision is. It makes me see, okay, this is your baby and it’s dressed like this. You have your song and this style and this fashion. Okay, you’ve got these clothes on and they look great. And then I might notice little things: I have to say that the stripes collide a bit with the dots, okay. But if that’s your style – if you want your kid to look like that, I have no problem with that. However, I do have a shirt here in my closet that I think will complement that style of pants your child is wearing. We can add to your little song and improve it – not change it. And why don’t we try it? Is that okay? It’s my job to ask you if we should try that with your song, your child, your baby. And if you don’t like it, you know what, then forget it. It was just a try. I will not be offended. There are many sound engineers, many producers who would be offended. I’m not one of them. I will not be offended as you should be open to improvement. What if you’re not sure? Hey, no problem, we’ll try to adapt it to fit as best as possible. What I recommend may not be what you can imagine, what makes a good song for you and your taste, if you are not a professional artist yourself and do not yet know where the journey should take you. If you don’t like my suggestions in such a case, then guess what: Ultimately, it’s always your decision, because it’s your baby.
That’s how I feel about recording and producing music. That’s my recording philosophy.

André Vard

What does a music producer do?

In principle, a music producer is an expert in sound and music who, in addition to a wide range of practical skills, must also have extensive theoretical and methodological knowledge in order to be able to productively implement musical projects of all kinds in practice. He is usually asked and hired by artists as a producer for their project, commissioned directly by the record company, or - which is only the exception today - searches for and finds new artists himself, for whom he then takes the risk with his work and the production costs as far as possible. Music producers can also be found at film and TV companies, at music publishers, larger recording studios, at event organizers or in the software and games industry.

In the production phase, a music producer manages the music recordings, decides on the sound technology, and takes on organizational work such as creating a recording plan or booking sessions and the recording studio, the sound engineers and the studio musicians. He/she determines the mixing and mastering and is basically the master of the entire sound. This means that the producer is the person in the studio who tells the artists how to play or sing, and also instructs the sound engineer if this is necessary or he/she has a specific, creative idea in mind - because the music producer is responsible for the quality of the music recording. Of course, all of these things usually happen in close coordination with everyone involved, especially the artists. But sometimes, depending on the producer's order, there are projects in which the producer specifies, yes, has to specify everything, especially if he/she presents all the costs. A music producer is the link between the record label and the artist, concludes contracts and, depending on the contract, ultimately decides on the marketing and often also in sales. The situation is of course different when the producer is engaged directly and exclusively by the artist himself. The “employment relationship” between the artist and the music producer logically always results from the position of the client.

André Vard

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