1. Korona - Empty (Live - Acoustic Snippet) Korona 0:41

Korona - Breaking The Silence

Breaking The Silence by Korona ® is the highly recommended official debut album, released in 2005. Critically acclaimed, the nu metal band managed to channel the irrepressible energy that has made them one of the most spectacular live acts of all time onto this silver disc ban. The result is an announcement!

Coming soon again as a digital download from itunes, amazon and koronamusic.bandcamp.com. CD or Vinyl only on request from Koronamusic ®.


    1.  Breaking The Silence
    2.  Zu Viel Ist Zu Wenig
    3.  Hier In Mir
    4.  Why Am I?
    5.  Drying Out
    6.  No Reason To Stay
    7.  Ever Feared?
    8.  Alles Was Ich Will
    9.  My Enemy
    10.  Istok
    11. Feeling Good
    12. Leben Ohne Dich
    13. Nothing In You
    14. Verpiss Dich
    15. Empty
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Breaking The Silence

Release Date : 1. May 2005
Artist : Korona
Genre : Nu Metal
Format : CD, Digital Download, Vinyl
Catalog ref. : 05050101
Format : Digital Download

Label: Koronamusic® (Hardfliprecords)