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André Vard | bionicsounds Studio - Film sequence - Making Of "2boxed A Secret Spice"

André Vard | bionicsounds

The name of my bionicsounds studio as “Unique Sound Research Room” is of course to be understood as a homage to the unique Frank Zappa, who, with his very typical humor, built his studio in Los Angeles “Utility Muffin Research Kitchen”. Well, I’m not a die-hard Zappa fan. And I don’t have any “idols” in the direct sense either, but rather take many things that come my way as a source of inspiration. So I see Zappa as an extraordinarily creative musician, because in his compositions he didn’t exclude any sounds, no matter how crazy, and he knew no limits in his music. In many projects, overcoming supposed limits is also my path – although I set the craziness of some sounds in a completely different way than Zappa did in his works.

When almost all the big studios had to close when the pandemic broke out in order to think about how operations could run during this phase, I had to think about how I could continue recording music. Getting together with other artists in the usual way wasn’t possible either, so I decided to make a solo album and produce it in my own studio. A number of wonderful partners from the music industry supported me, and so I was able to bring my bionicsounds studio to an absolutely professional level. My sound research room was born, and I experience new surprises here every day.

I will write about the equipment/gear I use from time to time in my blog “About making music”. There you can read which instrument or device I use exactly and why. Your fellow musicians out there all know that. In fact, most music listeners rarely realize that one set of drums sounds very different from another, or that one guitar plays very differently than another. Or why exactly this one bass is best suited for this one song. I would like to try not only to discuss the technical side of equipment in the blog posts, but also to describe things for the music listeners and fans. I can say in advance: It’s always about the character of a timbre that an instrument possesses, and it’s always about conveying the emotions that music can and should evoke in the best possible way. How does it feel and sound to make music? And how does it feel to watch someone make music? You can tell me that! And how does it feel to take the music in and really hear it at the end? We can tell each other that. Right?

André Vard | bionicsounds

The Studio


André Vard | bionicsounds
André Vard | bionicsounds
André Vard | bionicsounds


First of all, there is the good idea and the deep meaning of one's own music. But on the self-made recording, the great song just doesn't sound the way you imagine it as an artist. The potential is not developed because there are no opportunities to do so. There is often a lack of professional know-how to make a recording sound really good and stand out from the rest of the world. All musicians who do home recording know that. I tried to close this gap with the bionicsounds studio and hopefully I succeeded.


Mixing is a world unto itself. Almost every musician has tried it themselves in the home studio, watched thousands of video tutorials on the internet and wasted far too many hours of creative time that you, the artist, should have spent writing more songs. Because very few manage to get the sound they actually wanted in the end. And there are many reasons for that. The fact that each instrument, drums, bass, guitars, synths, vocals, etc., needs its own expertise and mixing treatment at every step of the production is just a small part of it.


Getting the ideal level of loudness for a song or an entire album, the best quality and optimal sound on all end devices - that is the fine art of mastering. The same applies as with mixing: tried a thousand times at home, and yet always far from the desired result. Keep in mind that in large studios, mixing and mastering are strictly separated. They are two completely different fields and often the mastering is contracted out to dedicated mastering studios to achieve the required industry standard for sound, precision, clarity and control of the mixed recordings.

Video production

To be known as an artist, you have to be noticed. Musically and visually.
And both have to fit together. The message of the song and video must match. The art here: Well thought must be well done. A video that the viewer doesn't understand is more likely to hurt a song than help it. Without a video you get lost in this business. And a good video requires a lot of knowledge in addition to the creative idea. From the script to the final cut, the bionicsounds studio is also designed for this.

André Vard | bionicsounds

What famous artists say about music


"Music is life itself."Louis Armstrong

"My music is forever."Bob Marley

"Information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, wisdom is not truth, truth is not beauty, beauty is not love, love is not music, music is best."Frank Zappa

"Without music everything would be nothing."Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

"The people trying to make this world worse don't even take a day off, so how could I?"Bob Marley

"Music can't change the world, but it can change someone's moment."Randy Ponzio

André Vard | bionicsounds

bionicsounds Studio

Stay Tuned

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André Vard

Music is communication.
Silence is nothing. talking is everything.

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