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Korona logoKorona ® was born on August 11, 1998 in the darkness of the solar eclipse. Their music is pure energy and uncompromisingly sensitive due to the mystical impact of five artists born in different countries merged into one to live a collective dream that never retracts an impulse or an emotion, armed with a sound that Europe has never heard of. This makes the band one of the most spectacular live acts of all time. English, German, Italian and Yugoslavian are the languages that Korona have grown with and in this City Speak their songs come right in your face. With their unmistakable style, Korona consistently and resolutely walk the path of Nu Metal. Alternative rock, Grunge, Pop, Punk, Electro and other genres seem to be influences, but Korona doesn’t follow anyone. They go ahead. Korona stormed the stages like a tornado: gigs with Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, (hed)pe, Mudvayne, Ill Nino, Static X, Him, Papa Roach, Tool and others, festival stations like Rock am Ring, Rock im Park, Roskilde or Gods of Metal pave their way. MTV announced: “Korona is the winner of this festival. They opened up and blew the tent down and they are the greatest act that has ever played at Rock am Ring’s Talent Forum.” The honestly received appreciations are once again motivation for Korona to bring their own identity and show that good rock music is made all over the world. With this persistence, Korona finally became successful and reached numerous hit lists in the rock and metal charts in Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Spain and the United States of America.
Korona ask mystically: “Who are you? Friend or foe? Whoever you are, immerse yourself in the Nu Breed Show because you are looking in a mirror. You are part of it and everything around you is real.”
Their music is the discomfort and bitterness of autumn, the fury of a thunderstorm, the inner cry of the deep sleep of a being who has awakened from a cold and serious illness, who does not understand how one got into this state and does not know where the emptiness comes from, who has hollowed out this body.” (Jon Lindstrom)
But when the world spirit is out of balance, days slipping and collapsing due to the presence of chaotic elements, you might hold on to your experiences. This irrepressible will of the right to exist makes those indelible memories called life possible. Life is chaos and nothing is calculable. But everything finds its way through the power of music. That’s Korona. Korona is the hope for a restart that breaks the silence and ultimately only demands one thing: movement!

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Korona® is the original nu metal band from Europe that started it all. Born in 1998 under the sign of the solar eclipse, MTV once named Korona the fattest newcomer act to have ever played at Rock am Ring. Based in Germany but multicultural composed of different European countries.