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bionicsounds - blue brain
bionicsounds - blue brain

Available soon!

New Album - blue brain

The album “blue brain” by bionicsounds creates a unique symbiosis of experimental noises and presents listeners with an innovative, new world of music.

  1. Roll With Me (bionicsounds Deep Jungle ReMix) SOA-V 2:27


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The Story

About bionicsounds

For my bionicsounds project, I basically create a symbiosis of sounds that are acoustic and electronic in nature, thus expanding the sound spectrum and creating new sound worlds in this way.
I always use sounds that occur in my natural environment as a basis for this. The manipulated output data is the result of professional and passionate creation with well-chosen digital sound effects, music and multimedia content.
I use the created sounds primarily as new drum sounds, use them as effect sounds, but I even make music out of them and create beats with them.
bionicsounds was also formed to manage a computer-based sound and music service.


bionic and bionicsounds

I think it makes sense to first briefly explain what “bionic” means in general. The reason for this explanation is that a lot of musicians and media have used this technical term somehow wrong in the past. These musicians and media meant “cyborg” and “cybernetic”. Cybernetics is the science of machine control and regulation with an analogous view of living organisms, how they act and how they organize themselves socially. The term “cyborg” refers to a hybrid of a biological organism and a machine, and is today extended in everyday colloquial language to people who have transplanted artificial or technical parts of any kind in or on their bodies.
Bionics, however, deals with the transfer of natural phenomena to technology. As a science, bionics assumes that living nature develops optimized structures and processes through evolutionary processes from which humans can learn.
Technical objects that are developed as applied bionics are not themselves nature but purely technical objects. The only connection to nature is that the technical object, in terms of its functionality, procedure or design, etc., was created by “copying” nature. The musicians and media mentioned above have used this term in a blurred and incorrect way solely for marketing reasons, according to the motto biology+technology = bionic. That sounds so nice and round and handy, but it’s wrong.

So what does bionicsounds stand for?

Well I’m a drummer who learned to play on an acoustic drum kit though. But I got involved with the creation of the first electronic beat pads and electronic drums very early on, and I’ve been an electric drummer from the very beginning.
And electronic drums are pure “bionic”.
The first drums in human history were probably hollow tree trunks, i.e. pure nature. Covering a hollow body with fur or skin in order to use the vibrations when hitting was already a first development step in bionics. The construction of the first drum kits as we know them today is based entirely on the principles of bionics. And today’s electronic drums are a logical consequence. Sound development, vibration behavior, frequency curves, etc. – everything about electronic drums is scientifically derived from nature through observation and imitation. More bionics is not possible. And in logic, the sounds that come from an electronic drum kit can be called “bionic sounds“.
In my understanding, my tinkering, tinkering and experimenting with sounds, I often take steps in which I use sounds from nature and transfer them either pure or modified to the electronic drums. But I also expand the creative playground and use everyday objects, ambient sounds and other things that come to mind. It’s a certain “dilution” of bionics, but in my opinion it’s still within a reasonable range, so that I can still call it “bionicsounds” with a clear conscience.
I hope that with this brief explanation of a big topic, I’ll be able to show a bit where the term “bionic” really comes from, what it means, and what connection it has to my “bionicsounds” – in contrast to the falsifying advertising fantasies of various other artists and their marketing managers, and the wish drawers of many different media companies around the world. Please do it right or not at all.

New stuff

Sound Packs

André Vard | bionicsounds - A.C.I.M. Dancecrew Sound Pack

A.C.I.M. Dancecrew Sound Pack. Available Soon.

#andrevard #bionicsounds #2box #soundpack
André Vard - bionicsounds - Vardkit Sound Pack

Vardkit Sound Pack. Available Soon.

#andrevard #bionicsounds #2box #soundpack
André Vard | bionicsounds - Paperkit Sound Pack

Paperkit Sound Pack. Available Soon

#andrevard #bionicsounds #2box #soundpack
André Vard | bionicsounds - Bathroom Door Sound Pack

Bathroom Door Sound Pack. Available Soon.

#andrevard #bionicsounds #2box #soundpack

André Vard

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