André Vard in 3D

Ever since I discovered anaglyph 3D technology for film and photos a few years ago, I’ve always enjoyed playing with this change in perspective.

It inspires me, opens up new horizons for me and is just pure fun! Whether I’m playing drums, guitar, bass, or singing, the resulting photos can be quite exciting when converted to 3D anaglyph.

So here I use only red/cyan to create the anaglyph 3D effect.

Anaglyph 3D Action.

Ideally, you put on appropriate 3D glasses with cyan and red lenses. In stores and shops they are also called “red-blue glasses”. But you can also easily make these glasses yourself, from thin cardboard, a red foil and a cyan foil, which are available in every craft store. By clicking on the button below you can download free craft instructions and craft templates in PDF format. “DIY” (do-it-yourself) is hip! Or you can meet me somewhere, somehow, because I almost always carry one of those simple, anaglyph cardboard glasses with me. Alternatively, you can contact me and I might be able to mail you some of these glasses.

The larger the image, the stronger the anaglyph 3D effect.

Of course, the anaglyph effect only really hits you if you look at the picture in a format as large as possible. Accordingly, full screen is best. And the bigger the screen, the bigger the picture, logically. So if you have a big screen and look at the photos in full screen, 3D flashes you mightily. There are so many details that you only then notice. Looking at the picture becomes a voyage of discovery.

Click on an image here and then click on the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner of the screen to open the full-screen view.

You can see more photos in the picture gallery.

I can still remember when, in the distant past, I saw my first 3D film in black and white and implemented with anaglyper red-cyan technology. Then, unfortunately, this photo and film technique somehow fell into oblivion again, but a real trend of this old 3D process broke out a few years ago, when primarily designers in agencies picked it up for their work. That’s how I encountered Anaglyph-3D again.

I hope you have as much fun looking at the pictures as I do! Let it affect you a bit. The eyes often need a little moment to get used to it. Don’t worry: This does not pose a health hazard. This has been established by ophthalmology in tests and examinations. But it is logically better not to wear such glasses for 24 hours.

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