Repair broken headphones

Who does not know that: A few weeks ago, after a long search, you bought the best headphones and what happened? One side of the headphones breaks exactly at the joint.

A typical breaking point, because the manufacturers usually only use cheap plastic and the processing is bad. You are either lucky or unlucky. And with this luck or bad luck speculate and economize the manufacturers. The trouble is great when the receipt is misplaced and the warranty has expired. But you do not have to throw away the headphone right away. First, you can try to repair the good piece yourself. DIY is the keyword: Do it yourself!

I did it this way:
You need a drill and proper thin drills, a suitable screw with a screw sleeve and possibly some tape.

First, you put the broken joint together exactly. Then you drill very carefully with a very thin drill exactly through the middle of the broken joint. And completely through all parts of the joint. Then you drill with the slightly thicker drill, which has the size of the screw. Then just screw the joint together and stabilize it with some tape, if necessary.

The joint is now even more stable than before, yet fully flexible. This keeps your good looking headphone and you can save some money.

av, 07.04.2012

Gerbrochene Kopfhörer reparieren - DIY


Later I almost completely replaced all joints with screws, so to speak.
For the connection from the headband to the rotatable joint on the earpiece, I used a thin eyebolt, through the ring of which I passed a normal screw on the headband for attachment. So I have complete control over the mobility and strength of all joints. With two nuts this holds very tight when I want it – and I only have to drill through a short stretch of the plastic bracket directly on the earcup. In my case I had already drilled through it anyway. For me, this solution worked even better than with sleeve screws.

av, 07.01.2021

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