André Vard - United Beats Vol. 1

The EP “United Beats Vol. 1” contains nine original Funk-A-Tac instrumental drum tracks. A pure acoustic drum sound – created and recorded by André Vard for the former crossover/funk/rap band with DJ M.E.G.A. on the mic, Goo on the bass, Nata on the guitar and André Vard on the drums, who were one of the very few acts to perform twice in the legendary, internationally famous Café Kesselhaus Club in Darmstadt, Germany.

Nine funky grooving songs in which only André Vard’s acoustic drums can be heard, perfect for playing along with your own instrument. Accompany the track with, for example, guitar, bass, piano, keyboard, saxophone, trumpet, trombone (wind instruments) or percussion instruments.

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    1. Gebt Fein Acht!
    2. Funky People
    3. Turn It Up!
    4. Ich Weiss
    5. Release The Pressure
    6. Elemental
    7. Love To Dance
    8. Lucid Mind
    9. Got Faster!
    10. Turn It Up! (Straight Bonus)
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United Beats Vol. 1

Release Date : 1. January 1998
Artist : André Vard
Genres : Drumming, Instrumental, Percussion
Format : Digital Download
Catalog ref. : 98010101DD
Format : Digital Download

Label: Koronamusic