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This page is not important to you if you want to buy André Vard as a producer or have the task by your record company to look for a producer. In that case, you just call us directly or write us an email and we’ll discuss everything.

As a producer, I am always looking for fresh voices (m/f – singer, rapper, shouter), musicians and bands for many musical projects. So if you want to try it, dare. Courage is changing the world! My ears are open for everything.


Attention! Important note about the procedure!

We ask for your understanding that personal feedback will only be given if we are interested in working together. We check all demos in detail. This means: If we don’t hear or see any talent, then we don’t give any feedback. If there is no potential, we can’t give tips on what to improve. The answer would be: Everything. If we see or hear talent or a certain, expandable potential, we will definitely contact you. Only we’re interested in you, you get a feedback from us. Therefore, please be sure to include your phone number and email address. If there is no feedback within 3 months, it can be assumed that we don’t see any possibility of cooperation at the moment. That means it could work for your next, better demo.

So how can I apply as a singer, musician or as a band to André Vard?

Send your demo application only by email. But don’t send your songs as an mp3 attachment. Send it necessarily only as a link to a download stream (Dropbox or similar), because due to a limited memory size otherwise our mailbox could be overfilled. In your email otherwise only a short info with at least one meaningful photo (full body) and also links to videos of you, if available (live performance, etc.). Send your e-mail to the contact details given in our imprint here.

Unfortunately, physical demos can’t be considered and, for cost reasons, can’t be returned!

What’s next?

If you get our interest, we will contact you immediately and then we will think about your career opportunities together.

How should you record your demo?

Your demo is fundamental to be heard. As a singer, you have many opportunities to sing on existing playbacks. Of course, own songs are even better! If you write your own songs, you should present yourself with them. Demo recordings don’t have to have super studio quality. In principle, you can also record a demo with your mobile phone. What matters is not the quality of the sound recording but the quality of the effort you make to recognize your talent. If your song, your voice, or your instrumental abilities, or your entire band has the potential to be heard in the world of music, we’ll recognize that even with poor sound or video footage. However, if your own mental attitude is not right, and you seem to take us on something without desire and energy, then it makes no sense. Only those who believe in themselves can convince others!
Otherwise, in the simplest case, you can sing at home to instrumental YouTube videos or in a karaoke studio. In every city there is a sound studio, or musicians who have recording options. Find someone who is serious. Record your demo and realize your ideas! That does not always have to cost a lot of money. If your talent and your ideas are good, we’ll hear that. Beware – never sign any contracts without first consulting an expert!

What skills should you have to have a chance in the music business?

Talent. Creativity. Charisma. Courage. Will. Hard work. Luck.

You can sing a little and move, and your parents and siblings love it?
That’s not enough! Talent belongs more! We are interested in extraordinary voices and personalities, artists with charisma, eye-catching bands and songwriters. Do you think you are as good as the current stars, but different and not just a copy? Do you realize at your first performances that the audience (except family and friends) is enthusiastic? Strangers come up to you and tell you they like you? Then maybe you have the talent we are looking for.

There are many talents who can sing, play and dance well. What is needed is your creativity to stand out from the mass of good artists. This applies to your styling, performance and song selection. Everything is allowed except boring!

Charisma and persuasive power
The exorbitant will to become a star is the basic requirement on the way to success. Convince by performance and faith in you. Shine and stand out! If you doubt yourself, then you should think about your achievements and the concept, improve it and then go to the key makers. The will to work really hard on yourself and the music is a necessary requirement anyway.

As an artist, you need especially one thing: courage. Courage for self-expression, courage to make decisions, courage to self-criticism, courage to endure hard criticism, courage to risk something, courage to lose everything and still courage not giving up!

The necessary luck to success can’t be calculated. Being in the right place at the right time…you can’t force that. But you can try to tickle your luck! Make an effort to find out where important people might be and where important doors might open for you. It could never happen to those who just sit at home and are satisfied with the clicks on YouTube to be in the right place at the right time. Be always ready to present yourself and to perform! Anyone who wants to be a singer/musician has to have more than one song at a time (!!!) to show himself. Anyone who only gets half a verse or begs to be allowed to practice at the counting moment is making a fool of himself and will never make it, because he/she obviously does not take himself seriously as an artist. The most important believe in yourself and the will to make it are missing then. Remember: There is a big difference between desire and will. And you have to walk a million miles to find your luck!

André Vard

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